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LOADRITE E2750 Hook Lift Scales

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

The LOADRITE E2750 weighing systems offers accurate and reliable weighing of every bin lifted by a hook lift truck. It can be installed on most makes and models, is easy to use and maintain.

The E2750 measures the gross weight of the bin as it is lifted onto the truck and is sitting on the bin mounts. The bin weight and other information can be printed as a docket using the optional LOADRITE printer, sent electronically to a separate on-board computer or transmitted to the head office.

Trusted weighing specialist

LOADRITE is the preferred supplier for refuse truck scales of all leading waste management companies in Australia and New Zealand. The hook lift truck scale is currently only available in Australia and New Zealand, please contact us directly if your application is outside this region.

Simple user interface for easier operation

LOADRITE refuse truck scales are easy to understand, easy to use and can be connect to most on-board computers. The LOADRITE screen display is uncluttered and only relays pertinent information to the operator when required. This enables the operator to concentrate on what they do best without unnecessary distraction: refuse collection. The hook, rear and front lift truck scales share the same user interface. This advantage reduces the need for training of operators who drive both trucks on the use if the E2750.

No more overloading

The regulatory environment, where public safety and liability concerns underlay a trend towards more enforcement of overloading regulations is also a factor. Keeping the weight on the truck under its legal capacity also helps to minimise maintenance costs.

Knowing the weight when a bin is lifted also avoids any dispute with a customer at a later time about additional charges for excessive weight in the bin.


The E2750 hook lift scale uses six heavy duty load cells installed underneath the bin mounts on top of the hook lift frame. They measure the weight before the bin is secured on the truck with the bin locks. The operator has also the ability to enter tare weights of each bin to get a net weight for each bin lifted.

Weighing Systems Australia

Weighing Systems Australia P/L has been manufacturing on-board weighing equipment since 1990. Weighing Systems Australia P/L is now a world leader is the supply and installation of On-Board weighing equipment for the waste industry.

With a distributor network around Australia, Weighing Systems Australia can provide service, installation and back up when required no matter what location.

Using state of the art Loadrite electronics allows our service technicians to diagnose and calibrate systems remotely which saves costly and time consuming site visits. Our aim is to provide and manufacture systems that are operator friendly and easy to use along with a rugged and long service life in the field.

Official Distributor Loadrite E Series On-Board Weighing Systems. Sales & Service All States.

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